This module does not replace advice available from specialist sexual health clinics. For more comprehensive resources check out;

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre – Free sexual health Clinic, training and professional development, educational resources and fact sheets, clinical guidelines for health care workers, advocacy and research.

Family Planning Victoria - promote sexual and reproductive health through free sexual health clinics, training and PD’s, school and community sexuality education, education resources (bookshop and library), research and advocacy.

The Guide To Getting It On – Award winning textbook and sexuality website. Funny, irreverent and nonjudgmental guide to sex and sexuality for young people

Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) – Advocates for improved health outcomes for sexually and gender diverse communities. VAC provide comprehensive sexual health services including peer education, HIV testing, counseling (also AOD outreach).Australian Council of HIV Medicine (ACHM)

The Drama Down Under - information about some of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) experienced by gay men

Marie Stopes International – Sexual health clinics providing contraception and safe terminations of pregnancy. Advocates for safe abortion.

Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service (WADS) - Providing medical care, counselling and support to women with complex substance use, dependence and assessment and care of infants exposed to drugs and alcohol during pregnancy.

Pap Screen Victoria - Cancer Council Victoria's Cervical Cancer Prevention Program produces resources about Pap tests in a variety of languages and can help women access pap tests.

ASHM - peak organisation of health professionals in Australia and New Zealand who work in HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections. Provides clinical resources, conferences, professional development and undertakes advocacy.

Legal Aid Victoria – Current information about legal issues relating to sex such as age of consent. and the law,