Use Condoms

Glam Reaper Clever add reminding GLBTQI viewers that condoms are still the most effective prevention against the transmission of HIV

The Phone Call Robert calls past sexual partners to tell them about his diagnosis of Chlamydia

Best condom Ads Great conversation starter about the only contraceptive that provides protection from both STI’s and unplanned pregnancy

Why are we Campaign warning against the risk of barebacking

Get a Sexual Health Check up

Wayne & Kevin Wayne’s cat Kevin dolls out STI advice following a Tinder date

What's involved in a sexual health check in Australia Highly recommended video. The journey of a young person getting chlamydia testing and treatment and notifying his ex-partner (with excellent explanations along the way).

Minus 18 - Sex test James and Sam film their visit to Melbourne Sexual Health Centre for a STI test.

Minus 18 - Confessionals Young people talk about their appointments at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre and Family Planning Action Centre


Meet the Contraceptives Contraceptive devices compete with one another to gain a young couples attention. This US based skit includes contraceptive methods that are less widely used in Australia.

Types of Contraception -NHS A sexual health Doctor explains the difference between common contraceptives.


You should know about Chlamydia Signs, symptoms and treatment. Good overview but less engaging than other video resources in this list.

You should know about Gonorrhoea Signs, symptoms and treatment. Good overview but less engaging than other video resources in this list.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander:

Love your liver Great overview of Hep C targeting an ASTI audience

Smart and Deadly ASTI young people perform short skits with a safe sex message

Pap Tests

How to mentally prepare for a Pap Screen Normalising the discomfort, embarrassment and common anxieties this video is warm and reassuring.

It doesn't have to be like this  Pap test awareness campaign


Is it OK to be left handed? A left handed student experiences discrimination, bullying and stigma for just being himself

Queer As F**K,  short series in which four gay housemates navigate the world of sex, sexuality and STI’s. Series:1 Episode:4 - Bareback Mountain, Series:1 Episode:6 - I F**kedup, Series:1 Episode:8 - F**king Strawberries


F+RST Registrar at Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic’s ‘Message to all Gay Men’ talks about the symptoms of acute HIV and process for testing.

HIV Prevention Nuanced conversations with people who are HIV positive

HIV Stigma HIV positive people talk about their personal experience of stigma

HIV Testing Two men with HIV talk frankly about the importance of testing

Porn vs Reality

Porn vs Reality Funny video comparing real life sexuality to what is shown in porn


Alcohol Sex and Consent – What the law says & interviews with young people and experts

Consent: It's as simple as tea