Many people sometimes find it hard to say precisely what they want, but communication is greatly improved if you have clarity in your own mind about what you are asking from another person.

Initially you may be aware of a sense of discomfort or a yearning.

Step One is to pay attention and look for a way to describe, in your own mind, what you are feeling.

Step Two is to identify what you want the other person to change.

Do you want: More of this, Less of that, Stop doing this, Start doing that, When, Where, Frequency

Step Three is to put all of this information into one or two clear sentences.

Use a case study to explore what these statements and sentences might look like. 

Explore a situation in the client’s own life in which s/he is feeling uncomfortable, where there is tension, but is not yet clear about what s/he wants. Work together to formulate some sentences that s/he feels s/he could use to communicate what s/he wants to the other person.