Each youth AOD modality is listed in the dropboxes below. Select a modality to view a description, objectives and range of relevant Intervention types.


Outreach is a flexible and responsive medium for connecting with and delivering evidence based interventions and broader support to hard to reach groups. Youth outreach workers provide services in a diverse range of locations where young people live, congregate and feel comfortable. Outreach is also constitutes a critical mechanism for linking and coordinating activities across different services and sectors.

  • Locate and connect with targeted young people
  • Provide therapeutic interventions according to need and readiness of young people and context
Intervention / program types (examples)
  • Care and recovery co-ordination
  • Service promotion & case finding
  • Assertive engagement and linkage
  • Case work (including assessment & individualised care planning)
  • Liaison & advocacy
  • Health education & health promotion
  • Foundational counselling
  • Behavioural & other psychosocial interventions
  • Family support
  • Home-based withdrawal
  • Secondary consultation to other services