Resourcefulness and cultural competence

Resourcefulness and cultural competence also denotes knowledge of where to access credible information and support from other resources. It includes the practical ability to access and mobilise resources to meet living requirements. The ability to negotiate for relevant resources and assets and to capitalise on life opportunities is greatly enhanced by communication, assertiveness and other social skills. Knowledge and social awareness can offer insight into how and when these skills are best applied.

Young people’s social and emotional well-being is believed to depend on their understanding “…of themselves, their culture and what is expected of them as a member of that culture” (Hamilton and Redmond, 2010, p13). An ability to understand what is socially and culturally acceptable in particular situations and respond in a way that meets the expectations of others maximises opportunities for rewarding social and economic participation (Doyal & Gough, 1991; White & Wyn, 2008).